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The Stallion Springs Community Services District (CSD) provides public services to more than 2,500 residents living in this picturesque mountaintop community.
Similar to a city, the Stallion Springs CSD offers administration, police services, parks, recreation, roads, trash disposal, sewer and water service to area residents. A small CSD staff facilitates these essential functions effectively and efficiently every day.
Elevations vary from 3,480 to 4,620 throughout the District, yielding cool summer evenings and blustery winter afternoons. A myriad of wildlife share the countryside.  On any given day, you might spy an elk, a bobcat, a mountain lion, wild boar, ducks, deer, jackrabbits and quail.
Volunteers enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors alike. These unsung heroes clean mailbox sites and improve equestrian trails; operate a Community Library and facilitate a Neighborhood Watch program; they train as emergency responders (CERT) and volunteer at a variety of civic functions. They pick up trash, donate blood, deliver telephone books and help manage Community Cleanup Days. Their efforts make a big difference.
Residents have the use of a municipal swimming pool, several beautiful parks, an equestrian trail system, a Community Library and Multi-Purpose Center with a gymnasium, and smaller meeting rooms.