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Citizen Volunteer Program Information

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PD - Application for Citizen Volunteer

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Chief Michael J. Grant


From my officers and I, Chief Michael Grant, we welcome all to the Stallion Springs Police Department!

The following information was created by Chief Mike Grant

Chief of Police Michael J. Grant: https://www.stallionspringscsd.com/chief-of-police-michael-j-grant

Our Motto

"We Live to Serve"

Our motto conveys that serving humanity is one of the greatest commitments a person can make and that we take this commitment to heart.

We go above and beyond to serve by being empathetic listners, helping others get through hard times by offering sound advice and un-rushed time to listen, and assisting people to solve their problems, misunderstandings and disputes.

Our ultimate goal is to make the world a better place one person, one call, one contact at a time.

Mission Statement


It is the mission of the Stallion Springs Police Department to:

  • Protect lives and property
  • Solve problems, keep the peace
  • Offer impartial individual service and friendship to all members of this community by the ready exercise of courtesy and friendly good humor
  • Be leaders in our profession by serving with honor, integrity, and empathy, while at all times conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence
  • Train ourselves in both our ethical approach to police work, and our tactical expertise, so we may continue to provide the highest level of professional service to our citizens in thesafest manner possible
  • Always be ready to offer individual sacrifice in protecting and preserving life

Our History

The Stallion Springs Police Department began serving the Stallion Springs community in 1970. In 1972, the department became California Peace Officer's Standards and Training (POST) certified. From 1970 until 2011, the officers station was an 1800's era ranch house with a root cellar. In 2011 the residents voted to pass a bond measure to construct a new police station. The department has 3 full-time police officers and 2 part-time police officers. The chief of police is counted as one of the full-time officers as he is a working chief. The department is dispatched through the Kern County Sheriffs Office. SSPD relies heavily on citizen volunteerism which includes the Community Services Unit, Community Emergency Response Team and Neighborhood Watch.

Non-emergencies (661) 861-3110

Emergencies 9-1-1

Stallion Springs Police Department trains with Stallion Springs CERT! See the Channel 23 News report here:  http://www.turnto23.com/news/local-news/team-brushed-up-on-dip-tank-training-disaster-scenarios-in-case-of-wildfire-in-the-area

Senior Officer James Best awarded KCLEF 2017 Officer of the Year!


Master Craftsman & CERT leader Dave Cox invented & created this "Radio in a Box" which can be used during emergency incidents in the EOC or elsewhere.
SSPD works closely and often with our CERT partners.
Range day, June 2017
Swearing in & Life Saving Medal 5-16-17.mp4
Senior Officer James Best Jr. is awarded the SSPD Life Saving Medal by Chief Mike Grant on May 17, 2017.
Officer Jimmy Best receives toy donation from Horsethief Womens Golf Club for needy children
Senior Officer James Best speaks to SSPD PAL pre-school graduation class of 2017.
Sergeant Gary Crowell with his new patrol vehicle and new defibulator
Chief Mike Grant awards Sergeant Gary Crowell the SSPD Distinguished Service Medal
Sgt. Gary Crowell earns the SSPD Life Saving Medal!
Stallion Springs Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Sergeant Gary Crowel on search warrant & rescue of over 50 pigs
Officer James Best on search warrant & rescue of over 50 pigs
Chief of Police Mike Grant during search warrant
SSPD officers with SSPD Community Services Unit (CSU)
An impromtu outdoor command post set up by CERT members for SSPD during the High Gun fire. Thank you SS CERT!

We support Tin Stars Outdoors!


Veterans Section

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