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Police Reports/Online Reporting 

For your convenience. the Stallion Springs Police Department has added an online police report section.
Please note that online reports are intended for offenses that do not require a police response.  Completing an online report is for documentation and/or insurance purposes only and will not result in a police officer responding to the scene.  This does not preclude follow-up investigation by an officer if further investigation is needed.  
By completing the online report process, you confirm the following: 

  • This is not an emergency
  • I know that filing a false police report is a crime
  • I am a resident of the township of Stallion Springs
  • I have a valid email address
  • I understand that the Stallion Springs Police Department will review this case and may contact me if further information is needed
  • The incident is one of the following:
  • Identity theft
  • Fraud or financial crimes
  • Harassing phone calls, emails, texts
  • Court order violation
  • Lost property
  • Suspicious activity or crime tip
  • The incident DOES NOT involve any of the following:

     (For incidents listed, you must call (661) 861-3110 to file your report.)

  • Check fraud
  • Violent Crime (personal assault, kidnapping, robbery)
  • Gun theft
  • Burglary
  • Hate Crime
  • Sex Crime (rape or sexual assault)
  • Stolen Vehicle (theft of a vehicle, trailer, motorcycle)
  • Lost/Stolen License Plate
  • Domestic Violence
  • Assault and Battery resulting in serious injuries (to include injuries requiring hospitalization or medical treatment).
  • Traffic Accidents involving serious injuries, DUIs, or unlicensed drivers unless all parties have left the scene.

How to submit an online report:

  1. Fill out the electronic form below                    
  2. Provide a narrative of the incident you are reporting
  3. Include all of your contact information (name, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc.)
  4. Your information will be emailed to Chief Gary Crowell
  5. Your information will be reviewed as soon as possible
  6. You will be contacted as soon as possilbe
  7. Please submit any additional evidence including documents in person at the Stallion Springs Police station during normal business hours.
There was a problem saving your submission. Please try again later.
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Thank you, your submission has been received.