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Trash Tag FormRECYCLING - STALLION SPRINGS NEWSLETTERThe-Three-Rules-of-Recycling-Graphic.pdfMAP TO TRASH SITE - WHERE TO DUMPWhat-It-Means-To-Recycle-Right-Brochure.pdf
May contain: airport, airfield, and runway
Direction of flow for clean up days and other events.
May contain: handrail, banister, railing, machine, spoke, building, and bridge

Our trash bins are located on Stallion Springs Drive, by the Library and near the covered bridge.

You must have a trash sticker displayed in your vehicle's window to use these bins.

Stickers are available at the CSD office.

Please read the sign to be informed of what is allowed in the bins, and what is illegal to dump. 

May contain: poster, advertisement, paper, flyer, and brochure
May contain: text, page, and document