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Equestrian & Hiking Trails

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Many thanks to the members of the Stallion Springs Trail Committee (SSTC), Equestrian Trails Inc. (ETI) and Woodward West for all their efforts and contributions to the 
Stallion Springs Community during 2012. 

A special thanks is given to SSTC Chair, Barry Leslie for his dedication, leadership, and hard work this past year that benefitted the Stallion Springs community. 

The Stallion Springs trail map is available at the Stallion Springs CSD office for equestrian riders and hikers to use.

The Stallion Springs Trail Committee is seeking additional volunteer members who are interested in ensuring that the trails in Stallion Springs are usable. Come out and join us for Trail Work Day days where we get together to maintain the trails. It's not all work... we have fun too; and you will make friends with some very nice people.

For more information, call Barry Leslie, SSTC Chair, at 661-822-1207