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Animal Evacuation Assistance Information

May contain: horse, mammal, animal, colt horse, and foal
May contain: mammal, animal, and pet


The Stallion Springs Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) encourages you to have an evacuation plan for your animals should an emergency arise in our community.  Utilize this form if you would like the Stallion Springs CERT to be able to identify where and how to assist you in the retrieval and relocation of your animals to a safe location during emergencies. This form does not release you from your responsibility to care for your animals during an emergency. (If animal is aggressive, CERT cannot assist you).

You may fill out the below electronic form, or print a PDF version of the form and hand it in to the front desk at the Stallion Springs Community Services District office during normal business hours.

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 PDF Form for download

CERT Animal Evac Assistance Form.pdf

Our Stallion Springs CERT Team is here to help residents prepare for any type of disaster that would affect people with animals (large and small).  Please register your pets with us so we can have them in our database and also keep you informed about future meetings regarding emergency preparedness.

It's up to each resident to prepare for emergencies and have a plan for your family and your animals, should the need arise.  These forms will help you develop your plan and be ready, whether it involves sheltering in place or evacuating to another location.  Please feel free to download these forms and keep an Emergency Notebook at home for you and your pets.  Planning ahead saves lives.

CERT checklist for sheltering in place non hazmat FN.docxCERT checklist of what to do for evac FN.docxCERT EMPREP ID paperwork for animals.pdfCERT emprep release of liability request evac shelter animals in emergency.pdfCERT emprep request for vet treatment and permission to euthanize animals.pdfCERT LAEP preparation checklist simple (1).pdf